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Monday, July 22, 2019

How To Create a Blog Post

How To Create a Blog Post

Friends today we will show you how to create a blog post. And let's talk about all the settings that have the option button on it.

Friends aj ham ye dekhenge ki kaise ham ek blog create kar sakte hai. Or uske jo vi settings ya fir options button hai , bo sabka istemal kaise karna hai bo v janenge.
jisse ham acche se ek blog post liksakte hai.

How to Create a blog post:-

See All the Steps to create a blog post (Blog post bana ne keliye sare Steps follow kare);


Firstly go to your blog. And you can see Two Options. ONE is New Post and One other is Create a new Post..

Friends sabche pehele aapko apne blog par jana hoga. Blog par jane ke baad aap ko two options dekhai dega, ek New Post ka or ek Create a new post ka.


Now Click any One option (New Post). For create your blog first post.
 avi aap kisi ek Option par click(New Post) kare. Apne blog par first likhne keliye.


Friends now you Put your Post Title. This Title is visible on the search engine . 

Friends abi aap ko apna post ka title dena hoga , apka post ki anusar. or aapka ye title hi search engine par show kare ga,


Now you can write your blog post on the blank page below.
abi aap blog post likh sakte hai niche blank page par.


Now see how the Options Buttons work. 
chaliye dekte hai ki kese ye sare buttons  kam karta hai.

B1-F:- f  button work for changing the font style.
B2-T:- T button work for changing the Text/Font size.
B3-Format(Normal):- Format button work for Changing Heading/Subheading/ minorheading.
B4-B:- B button work for text/ font bold.
B5-I:- I button work for text/ font Italic.
B6-U_:- U_ button work for text/ font Underline.

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