Saturday, August 10, 2019

Off-Page SEO full Details

Off-Page SEO :-

Friends In an earlier article we learned on-page SEO and today we will  learn off-page seo..we will learn  about off-page SEO with full details in this article , so let's learn ..............

What is Off-page SEO :-

Friends After completing the on-page seo, we have a Off-page seo to work.And we also have a lot of work to do on the off-page, such as website submission, blog commenting, sharing, guest post writing, etc ...

How to do Off-Page SEO (full details):-

  • Website Submission :-
Friends in Off-page SEO The first work is to submit your website to the search engine.Website Submission Means to provide your website to Google or any other search engine.So if someone searches the website and goes to the Internet, then the website comes in search result.........
Some Search Engine :- Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, MSN, Lycos etc....
  • *Backlinks :-
friends when talking about off-page seo, then one biggest questions are come up-what is backlinks. backlinks is a very important things in off-page seo.backlinks is a supporter of full seo in website seo .because without backlinks your website is very poor and your website never rank on creating  backlinks is very important for your website.

Friends ,With a Backlinks Google can be understands how good your website is.and how many quality of backlinks on your website .Which determines how much your website will rank on Google.
good quality of backlinks is very power full, from many of the bad backlinks. So try to create a good backlinks for your website.
  • Social Sharing :-
Social sharing is a biggest topic in off-page seo.Social sharing means all type social site and social media , where you share your post.It's a very power full options to rank your website faster. Here you can rank any of your posts or websites very faster.

Social Website :- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Skype, Linkedln, Telegram, Reddit, Snapchat, Classmates, Quora Etc....

Social Media :- YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, Tiktok, Sharechat, Massanger, Instagram etc....
  • Classified Submission (Advertise) :-
Some classified website ,Like-Olx,quikr, click, adtrack, 99add, sulekha all this website you can advertise your website for better result. Give advertise and get good traffic for your website.
  • Blog commenting :-
Friends We do blog commenting, especially for creating backlinks. And from blog comments, the referral traffic to our website increases a lot. So blog commenting is a very useful things to do In off-page SEO. 
For create good quality of backlinks , comment on high authorize website and put your website url on this website to create backlinks. 
  • Question & Answers Website :-
There are many questions and answering websites on the Internet ,you can participate in it.You will be benefit greatly, as you can answer people's queries and link to your own website.And this is a very good way to get traffic and backlinks for the website.

  • Guest Post :-
Friends that's all website are big in the internet.and now write a guest post on the big website to get backlinks or more traffic for your website.Guest post is a very power full things to do , if you write a guest post in the big website and put your website url then you will be get a very good quality of backlinks . so write a guest post to boost your website.

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