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On-Page Seo full Details

On-Page SEO full Details :-

Friends In previous articles, we have the knowing  of what is seo. And how many are those?.
And we know that there are two types of seo. One is on-page an off-page seo.And we've learned common sense about on-page and off-page seo in an earlier article.

So friends today, we are learn about the on-page seo with full details.

what is On-Page Seo ? :-

Friends On-Page SEO means  to Creating your Own website based on google's rules. So that google can read the website better. In on-page SEO you can customize your website and make it attractive and that's why visitor of your website can be stay as a long time.
For this reason your website get a good value on the google and your website will be rank on google.

  • On-Page SEO website Customization :-
Friends On-Page SEO we have a lot of work to do.Because on-page seo website customization is a part where we can customize our website according the google rules.And we make it attractive because when any visitors can visit to your website then he stay on the website as a long.

On-Page Full Steps :-

  • Website Loading Speed :-
  1. if your website loading Speed 1-5 second then your website is good and fast,
  2. And if your website loading speed is 5-10 second then your website is not a good and not a bad website, it's average.And here you have to do a little customization of your website to increase the loading speed.
  3. or your website loading speed is more 10 second ,so then your website is very poor.And you have to solve it very quickly. 
  • Reasons of the  slow loading website :-
There are many reasons friends for the website slow loading . Which we will now look at one by one.
  1. Friends, if the website uploads a very large file, then the website is slow.If the website is not a media website then you should try uploading small files.
  2. Small size image should be uploaded to the website, and if large size image is uploaded then the website will be slow.The reason is that if we upload a large image to the website then there is not much time to load the image, due to which the loading speed of the website becomes slow.
  3. use less of Javascript  on the website should be .If Javascript is used more on the website then the loading speed of the website will be slow.If the website is too javascript, the website is loading very slowly.
  • Write a Meta description :-
We write about this meta descriptions of our website about what our website is about.Whether it's a website tech, blogging, sports, media or anything else.
  • Write Title Tag :-
Title tags play a very important role in ranking any website or article.The better title tag will be rank your website in google.So writing a good title tag is very important.

How to Write Best Title Tag :-

When writing meta title tags, remember that the title tag should not be more than 70 characters long.If there are more than 70 character title tags, then that is not good for Google.So try to make the title tag as 70 characters.
The thing to note is that  the same keyword is not used in the  title tag repeatedly.Because it is a spam to Google.So don't try this at title tag.

  • Hidden Content :-
Friends don't write any hidden content on your website.Many time some people write a hidden content on their website to rank the website.This is a very bad work in the google.
  • Keyword Density :-
Friends When writing articles, you need to know  the density of your keywords.And see that no more than 5% of the keywords density.Because more than 5% keyword density can damage your website.
  • Image ALT Tag :-
friends when you upload any image  on your website then use the ALT tag.Because google don't read image , google only read the ALT tag. .so use the ALT tag on your image.

Example :-

Suppose you upload an image to your website, but you do not use alt tags, then Google does not understand whos is the image.Because Google can't read images, Google just reads alt tags.........
*For example, you uploaded an image of a Taj Mahal, and you did not use the alt tag on the it Google did not understand whose or what the image was.But when you use the ALT tag on the image , then google can be understand this is image of taj mahal.
  • Internal Links Submit :-
Submitting Internal Links is very useful in any of your articles.Because it increases the view of your website .But keep in the mind that the internal links will not be submitted more than 1-6...
Because if there is more internal links, the audience will feel bad reaction.
  • URL Structure :-
Friends URL structure is a great things in on-page SEO.The reason is that if the URL structure of your post is good then Google can read it very well and rank your website.So you have to see if the poster URL structure is okay and if not then you need to fix it.

How to write a Good URL Structure :-

Example :-
  1. (Wrong)
  2. (Right)
  • Website Structure :-
website structure means how the website is looks like, can it's looking beautiful.And if it's not nice to look at, you have to customize it and make it beautiful.Because good website structure  visitors can enjoy the website.There are a lot of things to do on the website, such as font-size, headings, photo-size, font color, etc.If all of this is fine then visitors will be able to access the article as a good reader .

  • Important Keyword :-
It's a great work to Bold the main keywords of any article in on-page SEO.Because bold keywords in article makes it attractive, and therefore  the viewer want to read it better.And first of all, Google would like to rank bold keyboards.
  • Headings :-
When using the heading tag, we need to keep somethings in mind.Heading tags are H1, H2, H3 .... H6.And when using these tags, keep in mind that the tag used will not be used.If any other tag is used later than that the tag.

Example :-  If you use the h1 tag once and then use another tag, then the h1 tag is no longer used. then u can use any others tags.
h1> h1>h2(right)
  • Post Length :-
your larger article is good, the better it is for ranking websites in on-page seo.Writing big articles is very important.Because  big article Google likes.Because  big article Google likes,and on this article must have informative information.then the article is your article/post  minimum must have 1000 words .
  • Responsive Website :-
Your website must be Responsive. And if it doesn't, your website will be not ranked in google.responsive website means the website will be support all of type device .so create your website responsive for the better create your website responsive for the better result..

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